2019 Big Bass Junior Championship

Big Bass Junior Championship
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2019 Big Bass Junior Championship

High School & College Bass Anglers

Tournament Dates: Now Until Aug. 15th 2019

What is the Big Bass Junior Championship?

The Big Bass Junior Championship (BBJC) set a goal to offset the stagnate and cost prohibited norm in bass fishing tournaments, and start something fresh, new, and innovative. The new tournament format has been established to focus on the growth of kids and young adults and motivate them towards enjoyment in outdoor activities.

This tournament format will unbound the constrictive traditional one-day tournament format and allows anglers to compete nearly year-round on their schedules. In the past, stressful decisions had to be made by these young tournament anglers between their academic commitments and traditional bass tournaments. The BBJC will allow the anglers to compete on their time while keeping up with their responsibilities.  

In this new format there is no need for expensive equipment like a boat, this is grass roots fishing at it’s finest. This allows all young anglers at all skill levels to compete.  All you need is a camera or a phone and an e-mail address to register your catch. 

Sign-up, Compete, Share, and Win!  

This tournament is also geared for social media.  Every fish registered requires a photo; it’s easy to share, promotes a greater reach, and impacts the industry like nothing before. This tournament’s format is as simple as it gets:

What Sets the Big Bass Junior Championship Apart?

Accessibility and Availability

Many of the regional and national tournament formats today require the use of a boat and high dollar equipment.  This limits the ability of some young anglers to fish.  The BBJC aims to allow all anglers, regardless of income and economic status to fish.  Fish from the bank, from a kayak, or a boat; the goal is to get all young anglers enjoying the outdoors and a chance to compete on a national stage. With a qualification schedule from now through Aug. 15th, and a date for a future fish-off, this allows anglers to virtually compete 24/7 year-round.


Even with the high quality livewells and products to promote fish health, placing fish in a livewell for 8 hours is becoming a thing of the past.  This unique format allows anglers to catch, capture a photo, and release the fish to be caught another day. Limiting the exposure to external elements will drastically decrease the mortality rate of fish and preserve our natural resources for many years to come.

Heritage Built from Past Big Bass World Championship Tournaments

The Big Bass World Championship is not a new tournament format. The tournament was introduced in the late ‘90’s to the early 2000’s and exhibited successful growth. In 2001, prior to the market crash and devastation across all industries, the BBWC recorded over 60,000 entries. Fast-forward to 2019, with the emergence of numerous social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. A growing market of young anglers, the BBJC is set to break record numbers for tournament entries.

It’s One Cast

This is another opportunity while fun fishing, pre-fishing, or even fishing during a bass club event to make one cast and qualify for the BBJC. Who wouldn’t want to fish for the chance to win $10,000? How many times have you, your fishing buddies, or tournament partner say, “Man, you should have seen the bass I caught yesterday,” or the famous, “I was winner of pre-fish.” I want to give these young anglers a second chance to fish anytime/anywhere and still have a shot at winning.

More Promotion

There is also another great benefit for this next generation of bass anglers and that’s an opportunity for more exposure. Besides social media, Bassin’ Magazine will print more than 2.2 million copies in 2019, creating an additional opportunity to reach millions of more viewers.

Owner Qualifications  

Paying It Forward

 “I love giving back to as many people and organizations as I can. Throughout the years, I have helped with “Women of the Outdoors”, Warrior Foundation “Freedom Station”, Boy Scouts of America, bass clubs and schools to name a few. I believe the BBJC tournament format is the way of the future.  Fishing is a family-friendly sport and our Big Bass Junior Championship will allow young angling contestants, their families, and friends to find enjoyment and excitement for the great outdoors.“

– Bill Siemantel

“Big Bass Junior Championship is committed to helping young anglers achieve their goals and have a lasting impact within the fishing industry.“

– Brad Uhl

How To Play


$25 one-time entry into the Big Bass Junior Championship applies to one state, if registering in multiple states, fee’s increase.


Catch a bass, any legal-size bass (state rules apply) from the state(s) you are registered in during the tournament, from now until Aug. 15th. It’s only 3 photos:


Email your photos and a completed certification form to brad.uhl@freshwatermediagroup.com. Remember to take the best pictures as possible, they may end up on the cover of a Bassin’ Magazine. BBJC finalists sometimes cannot make it to the finals and 2nd place finalist are invited! So make sure you ALWAYS send in your catch! Then watch the official leaderboard at www.bigbassjuniorchampionship.com your name next to your state! It’s that easy! You are fishing anyway! You can’t win if you don’t enter!


Anglers with the largest registered bass from each state will qualify for the Big Bass Junior Championship and a chance to win $10,000 and more!

The BBJC – It’s Worth It!

Special Bonus Offer! Join today for $25 and the first 100 entries will receive:

  • 1 SPRO BBZ-1 bait
  • 1 Bill Siemantel’s SPRO Swimbait DVD
  • 1 pack of Gamakatsu hooks
  • 1 product pack of ¼ oz Team Davies dropshot weights
  • 1 Spool of Daiwa J-Braid line
  • 1 pack of 6” RoboWorms


  • 1st place receives $10,000 grand prize
  • Additional chance at $25,000 for matched weight for winning angler
  • Top 10 finishers at fish-off receive a new Daiwa rod and reel combo
  • Top 50 state qualifier receives a spool of Daiwa J-Braid line
  • $1,000 cash to 1st place winning anglers that catches his/her fish on a SPRO product
  • Top 49 state finalists + 1 lucky state qualifier will receive a custom Line Cutterz Ring
  • Lowrance and other top industry sponsors are being added

The 2019 Big Bass Junior Championship Sponsors Include:

Bassin’ Magazine TheBBZ.com SPRO
Gamakatsu Daiwa J-Braid
Tear Shot Ventana Dropshots Line Cutterz Rings Lowrance
(More Sponsors To Be Added)

For more information on the 2019 BBJC tournament, advertising, or tournament sponsorships, contact Brad Uhl at brad.uhl@freshwatermediagroup.com or call 800-554-1999 or visit www.bassinonline.com today.  Or contact Bill Siemantel at bill@thebbz.com or call 661-210-6028.