Angler Profile – Kyler McKie

Angler Profile – Kyler McKie

Seventeen-year-old Kyler McKie hopes his high school bass fishing success at the state level eventually leads to a national title.

The Fox Creek High School junior has won three South Carolina state championships (two TBF state titles and one B.A.S.S. Nation title) and finished fourth in a TBF World Finals. This year he competed in both the Bassmaster High School National Championship and made it to the semifinals of the TBF World Finals.

High school bass fishing has given McKie the opportunity to hone his skills at a variety of fisheries. “I like going all over the country and fishing different lakes and seeing how you have to do different things on those lakes,” he says.

The teen angler has accomplished some of his high school goals, but he still has his sights set on a big target. “I would like to win one of the big ones like a national championship,” he says. “I have been trying for years to do it.”

McKie hopes to fish for a college team next but he is unsure which school he wants to attend. “I am just going to keep doing my thing into my senior year and then see what I have done and what opportunities I have then,” he says. Although he is a Clemson fan, McKie has looked into attending

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) because his former high school tournament partner Sean Hall fishes on the SCAD team.

His career plans depend on what he accomplishes in college. “I have to see if I have a career path or keep going with fishing,” McKie says.