Bass club launched after Joplin High student’s death

Fishing club launched after JHS student’s death small but steady

Jake Flowers has always enjoyed fishing, so when he was approached with the prospect of taking that activity to the next level, he jumped on the chance.

“It’s fun to have competitions, and it kind of raises the stakes,” said Flowers, a senior at Joplin High School. “It’s like any other sport, really.”

Flowers is the president of the high school fishing club, a small but strong team of students who fish competitively during the spring season.

The club was launched by Sean Nicodemus about a year ago, coinciding with the first anniversary of his son’s death. Spencer Nicodemus, then a high school senior, was killed March 2, 2017, when a basketball goal fell on him as he was volunteering at Irving Elementary School.

Shortly before his death, Spencer, an avid fisherman, had talked with his father about participating in tournaments. The pair had planned to pursue it, and the elder Nicodemus knew at some point after his son was gone that he still wanted to do so.

“I knew this was a calling for myself,” he said. “Starting (the club) last year was awesome for me to help me start the healing process.”….Full Story