Bluff Points for Winter Bass

By John Neporadny, Jr.

A point at the end of a bluff line attracts bass during the winter, because it allows bass quick access to both deep and shallow water. “Those fish aren’t going to be way up on a flat like they are when they spawn or after they spawn or the summertime,” says North Carolina touring pro David Fritts. “They are going to be close to deep water where they can move easily up and down.”

The weather determines where bass will position on a bluff point. “The fish will be right on the bank along the point if the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, but if it is cold the fish will be on the end of the point,” says Fritts. The FLW competitor notes these main lake fish will stay on the bluff points in the spring until the water temperature starts to climb close to the 60-degree mark, then those pre-spawn bass start moving into the spawning coves and pockets.

Fan casting a crankbait around the bluff point produces wintertime bass for Fritts. He positions his boat over a depth of twenty to twenty-five feet and tries to run his crankbait from the shallows of the point down to fifteen to eighteen feet deep.

This article was taken from 101 Bass Fishing Tips by John Neporadny, Jr. and available on his website at