Camryn Carnes – Happy New Year

New Year’s greetings from the Granbury High School bass club

By Camryn Brooke Carnes
Granbury (Texas) High School bass club

Happy New Year!

Another year has passed, and social media is being filled with New Year’s resolutions. I like to look back on the year and take my shortcomings or weaknesses and improve on them the following year. I try to always set at least two practical and beneficial goals for the new year.
My goals I’ve set for 2018 focus on the following weaknesses I saw in my 2017 tournament results.

Offshore–Who doesn’t want to pitch and flip into grass, laydowns or other visible cover? Nothing beats catching fish while pitching and flipping, but the reality is, everyone does it. Banks get beat up by weekend warriors and anglers pre-fishing a tournament. I would like to do less guessing when it comes to offshore fishing, and increase my odds in finding schooled up fish. To achieve this, I plan on studying lake maps and satellite images prior to hitting the lake. If I just spend a couple hours researching the lake and contour lines then I can take these points of interest and set them up on my electronics. In doing this I will be eliminating a lot of water and getting to spend more time with my line wet.

Motivation–This may come as a shocker to friends and family who know me, but I am a very motivated and self-driven person. Typically, in the morning I wake up bright-eyed and ready to go once I drink some coffee. However, November 2017 tested my motivation and if anglers could have seen through my smile they would have known I was worn out. Possum Kingdom in November was a scene out of the movie “Perfect Storm.” My body hurt all over from just trying to stand on the front deck. We watched angler after angler head in and load up with nothing in their boats. This motivated me more. I refused to quit and we fished until the last cast, but I would be lying to say I wasn’t thinking of a couch, blanket, coffee and a TV.

For 2018, I will focus on weather conditions a little better and the fact that I may not be able to change the weather, but I can make it a little bit more comfortable while fishing in it. Being comfortable while fishing in these tournaments is a must for your mental state. So, with proper planning I believe I can be more motivated, even when the weather conditions are unfavorable. I may never love cold weather or 40 mile per hour winds, but I appreciate the time given by Texas High School Bass Association (THSBA), Student Angler Federation (SAF) and other programs that allow me to spend time with friends and family.

This may seem like a small list to most, but this list is based on improvements I need to make for 2018. Along with these I have set many more goals for 2018. However the top goals on my 2018 list are to stay motivated, and to gain knowledge and techniques in offshore fishing. I hope to see everyone one the water, until then be safe out there.