Chad Ryan Stotler – Fishing is a wonderful experience

Chad Ryan Stotler

High school fishing is a wonderful experience

By Chad Ryan Stotler

I am a senior graduating in May and I fish for the Berkeley Springs High School Fishing Team in Berkeley Springs, W.V.  My time with this team has been a wonderful experience that has forever stamped the love of fishing in my heart.

I have learned so many things, such as the correct use of baits, water conditions, conservation, teamwork, self-dedication and the pure enjoyment fishing brings. Our team strives to continually learn and recently we earned our boaters safety card, worked on a fellow teammate’s conservation project, held an annual fishing show/flea market for a fundraiser and earned new jerseys. In my spare time, I love to fish for various species, however my favorite is smallmouth bass. I also love to catfish during the summer nights.  I fish streams, rivers and lakes around my area.

If I could explain the team dynamics to new students starting to fish at the high school level, I would encourage them to enjoy every minute they can fishing with their team and learn as much as they can. It is also important to fish with as many different boat captains as possible because each one may fish a little differently and bring something new to the table for you to learn. I am looking forward to helping my team even after I graduate and will definitely miss competing at the high school level. The high school fishing program allowed me to be part of something special because I love to hunt and fish. I am not an athlete who plays other sports such as football, baseball, basketball, etc., and it has allowed me to fish waters I would not have been able to otherwise fish. The team has also allowed me to meet new friends and fellow competitors. To me, the fishing team has been the best thing that could have ever happened at our school and I am proud to be a part of it.