Clifton High anglers win tournament

Outdoors: Clifton gives new meaning to a school of fish

I feel for folks in the sports industry — with every sport in the world postponed or canceled, sports reporters and broadcasters are scraping for relevant news stories and discussion topics while a lot of “flashback” shows and reruns of games and matches are running on television in place of live sports. Some channels are broadcasting sports blooper programs, and people like me are learning that things like rugby and snowmobile racing can be pretty entertaining.

The outdoor sports are a little different. There are still plenty of people out there catching fish, and with the spring turkey hunting season opening on April 4 (it runs through May 17), there’ll be hunters back in the blinds or stalking through the woods in pursuit of some hard-to-get meat.

There’s plenty for me to write about, and even though today’s focus is on a fishing tournament that took place earlier this month, at least I’m not having to dig back decades for stories….Full Story