Coronavirus cancels Watseka High’s bass season

Watseka fishing baited out of its season

Around six months ago Justin Bunting, a Watseka student, had to come up with an idea for his civics project that would help out either the school or the surrounding community.

Knowing he has a huge passion for fishing, Bunting and his friend Shawn Farris helped put together a brilliant presentation on why Watseka should introduce bass fishing as its latest spring sport.

“Fishing was always a passion I have had from a young age,” Bunting said. “I felt that having a bass fishing team could benefit many other kids in the school. It would have offered another activity for the kids who maybe did not already have an activity.”

Bunting’s presentation was only supposed to be for a school project and nothing more. However, due to his seriousness about the subject, Bunting and Farris took it a step further and presented the idea to the school board….Full Story