Crestwood High starts bass club

Crestview High creates new fishing program

Coach Ernie Martin announced the creation of a Bass Master’s Club at Crestview High School Tuesday night.

CRESTVIEW — It’s been many years in the making but Crestview High School officially has a new sports program.

The Bass Master’s Club was announced by coach Ernie Martin last week.

“I’m very thankful for the efforts of people like our principal Dexter Day, school board member Tim Bryant and all of the support from students, parents, sponsors and the community for believing in this and getting behind it,” Martin said.

The program was formed by the Bass Angler’s Sportsman Society (BASS) to support the interest of students.

During the meeting last week, both Martin and Bass Master’s High School Federation spokesman Glenn Cale spoke.

Cale said that he and BASS are dedicated to providing interested students with the opportunity to bass fish competitively, while also learning about the sport, education, and business opportunities related to the sport.

Martin, an avid fisherman himself, said he was excited about the opportunity it gives students who might not be competitive in other sports.

“It’s an opportunity for those who can’t throw a 99-mile per hour pitch or make a 3-point jump shot to compete in a different way and at a different level,” Martin said. “It provides an avenue for students to find something else to do beside sit with a game controller or a phone, but to be outside and be active.”…Full Story