Eli Cheshire – I’d Rather Be Fishing

Eli Cheshire

I’d Rather Be Fishing

By Eli Cheshire

Whenever I am fishing, it helps me get away from the troubles of the world. Fishing helps me be free from chores, it gives me a chance to think of my family and friends who are sick, and the news on TV. 

It doesn’t matter where I fish I use the buddy system. Often these buddies are family or good friends. Fishing with my friends offers me better opportunities to get to know them. 

One spot I like to fish has a dirt path to follow. This is my favorite path because it means I will not have to face the geese but I did get to see their eggs before. The trees are beautiful. My favorite plant is a cattail because it attracts the butterflies. Recently, I saw what looked like a boxing match with a spawning bass attacking a turtle that approached the fish’s nest. 

On March 16, 2020, Governor Justice declared we will have school at home and not to go out unless we had to. I thought it would be fun until I heard our fishing tournaments were cancelled because of COVID-19. That made me sad and upset. 

Finally, the governor encouraged us to fish so we could provide for our families. The governor encouraged us to follow the rules and stay 6 feet apart. 

After we were allowed to fish safely, I grabbed my poles and was out the door. After being cooped up for weeks, it felt good. It made me happy to be fishing again…except for the mosquitos!

Father mosquito to his son:

“Even though we are small we can leave a big impression.”