Eli Cheshire – Put Me in Coach! I’m Ready to Fish!

Eli Cheshire

Put Me in Coach! I’m Ready to Fish!

By Eli Cheshire

Fishing has been an activity I have enjoyed doing with my Dad since I was about 2 or 3 years old. I used my Shakespeare Lighting McQueen fishing pole to catch my first fish. We fished from the shore of many local spots. I think my first fish may have been a perch.

As I finished elementary school, I still liked to fish. My neighbor is a boat captain for the Berkeley Springs High School (BSHS) Fishing Team of West Virginia. Hearing Mr. Craig talk about the team and its adventures made me excited. I talked to my friend Jacob and found out he was joining, too. I am glad we are on the Junior BSHS Fishing Team together.

I am on the boat with my Dad, Jacob and Mr. Teddy, who is Jacob’s dad. Mr. Teddy keeps reminding us that some days we might catch a fish and some days we might not. Even though Jacob and I try hard, we haven’t caught any keepers yet.  Mr. Teddy reminds us to keep trying.  I don’t think he likes seeing us discouraged. We need to keep fishing and not give up!  I think Mr. Teddy is a good captain because he wants safety first.

My biggest goal is to win a tournament some day. To reach this goal I need to practice fishing. One of my favorite ways to practice is to stand on the picnic table and cast into a bucket I set in the middle of the yard. Standing on the table puts me up higher, similar  in height to a boat, and I have to move safely since I could fall. I have practiced casting a lot, but I know I need to do more to get good.

Eli Cheshire

A way to learn about fishing is to talk to other captains and the high school team members. They could help me learn the best spots to fish; they could teach me how to use new fishing equipment; and they could teach me to tie new rigs.

Some day, I want to help other people learn to fish and help a new kid when he or she joins the team. I could teach them about different lures that are good.

Being on the team, I have been able to be friends with some of the high school members. One boy and I talk on the bus now because fishing is something we both like to do. I feel confident with this team because everybody is always in a good mood and encourages each other. The big kids don’t look down on the little kids because we are new. I want to ask some of my other friends to join next year.

Question: Why are fish so smart?

Answer: Because they stay in schools!