Fishing show visits high schools

Fishing how-to show drops line in West Volusia

An internationally televised show that teaches people the joys of freshwater fishing is dropping some lines in West Volusia.

The hosts of Fishing University, bass buffs Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier, traveled to DeLand Oct. 27, and spent a few days filming on Lake George and the St. Johns River.

The show takes the form of a friendly fishing competition between the two hosts. Along with trying to catch fish, the hosts explain some tips and tricks of fishing, evaluate that week’s waterway as a fishery, and show off some products from sponsors.

“We have a friendly competition against each other where we’re also talking about the products and explaining how to use them, and the advantages of this and that, and also how the St. Johns River is as a fishery,” said Brazier.

His competitive nature is what drove Brazier to professional fishing in the first place.

“I grew up racing motorcycles and racing boats,” he said. “It was the individual competition that drove me to fishing.”

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