FLW pro mentoring high school anglers

July 20, 2020  by Ryan Salzman

I hope everyone has stayed safe from the craziness of the world’s current events. It’s always funny how when you plan something, life throws you a curveball and redirects you. We had to put our lives on hold for basically three months. I am a fishing guide outside of tournament fishing, and it was awful. I had to cancel 32 trips at $500 a pop – I will let you do the math on that!

Now that we are back on track with fishing, and hopefully developing some normalcy to our lives again, I am excited to keep going with what I started talking about at the beginning of the year – mentorship of young anglers. I caught some flack, in the beginning, saying that mentorship is not something you should have to pay for, so I decided to take a look at that thought. There are tons of services where you can hire someone for their expertise and knowledge. A guide is certainly one of them, just like paying to be a marshal with FLW during one of the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Super Tournaments! I loved being a marshal when I was in college. I got to ride with pros and learn from the best for multiple days for only $100!  I got to watch guys like Ish Monroe, Marty Stone, Marty Robinson and Byron Velvick to name a few. I still use the techniques I learned from watching them to this day while fishing the Pro Circuit….Full Story