Former Ava High angler succeeding as a pro

All About that Bass

 By Doug Berger

Ava tournament bass fisherman Cody Huff has always enjoyed fishing, but it was only after success in high school and college fishing tournaments that he started to think about fishing as a career. Huff is now a member of the MLF Pro Circuit.

“I fished my entire life. My parents have pictures of me out in the boat when I was still in a car seat,” Huff stated.

“My dad and great grandpa fished a lot and that’s what got me into it. My dad used to haul me around and I would fish with him all the time,” Huff said.

Huff stated they did not limit their fishing to bass, and he still enjoys fishing for more than just bass.

“I enjoyed fishing, I didn’t care what they were. I’ve always loved to hunt and through high school played sports. I always enjoyed being outside,” Huff said.

“Fishing was probably my favorite. I liked them both about the same. Whenever I’m not fishing, I’d like to be hunting, and whenever I’m not hunting, I’d like to be fishing.”

Huff started tournament fishing when he was at Ava High School.

“I ended up going to college on a scholarship to fish. I fished semi-pro and had some success at that level and this year I ended up qualifying to fish for the MLF Pro Circuit fishing tour. So that’s what I’m going to be doing this next year,” Huff said.

The fishing team at Ava High School started when Huff was attending high school….Full Story