Former Hartland High angler fishing for college bass team

Hartland grad turns passion into college success in bass fishing

Fishing was always something Ben Statly did as a hobby and to enjoy nature.

He knew that some people made a living fishing, but he had no idea that it was a sport in which he could represent his high school and college.

That changed when Hartland High School added a bass fishing team his sophomore year.

“I jumped at the opportunity when the high school team came about,” he said. “I fished all the way through my senior year. I found out about Adrian when I was a junior at Hartland. I started talking with the coach there, found out about the process and that it was a sport in college. I was more than happy to join the team from there.”

Statly was recruited to the bass fishing team at Adrian College the same way any other athlete is courted to join a college program. Joining the team is what attracted him to Adrian, where he majors in business management. He played football and baseball as a freshman at Hartland before switching over to bass fishing for the school….Full Story