Gabe Talley – Setting goals for 2018

Gabe Talley
Gabe Talley - Texas high school bass angler
Gabe Talley
Gabe Talley – Texas high school bass angler

My high school fishing goals for 2018

By Gabe Talley

With the start of 2018 I am excited for the beginning of a new year with new goals. Another amazing year of fishing has got me thinking what my goals for this new year will be.

Catching big fish will be one of them, but being more focused and having an open mind for my tournaments this year will be a must. Along with building new partnerships, I plan on expanding on current partnerships to create lasting relationships.

With the B.A.S.S high school open on Toledo Bend in a couple weeks, I need to stay comfortable with the possibility of 349 other boats that will be joining me, and stay focused on fishing rather than being distracted by other things.

Keeping straight A’s in school will be number 1 on my goal list. School is my main priority in my life, plus you have to have good grades to fish.
Another goal of mine for 2018 is to do more conservation work for the reservoirs around me. Last year I partnered up with the Seven Coves Bass Club and San Jacinto River Authority to help create over 60 fish structures for Lake Conroe.

My main goal every time I get off the water is to make the lake better than it was before, so by doing this I pick up trash from the boat ramp, always release fish, and create a better environment for other fishermen and recreational boaters. I enjoy talking to and helping people at the boat ramp because it helps create relationships and gets more people into the fishing experience.

Also, taking more people from church, school, and family members on the lake will be another goal for this year . Being able to take people on the lake helps grow the sport and gives people an understanding of how bass fishing work and shows why people are so hooked on the sport.

I hope to have a good year in 2018 and plan on working on these goals of mine to create a better understanding and involvement in the conservation and the sport of bass fishing.