Get the Twist Out

Eliminating Twisted Line on Spinning Reels

By Marc Rogers

When spooling new line on spinning reels, there are many opinions on how to keep the line from twisting. My choice is to place the filler spool flat on the floor and start winding the new line until it begins to twist. Next, stop winding, turn the spool over and wind from the other side until the line again begins to twist. Repeat this process until the reel’s spool is full.

Second, route the line through the line guides on the rod and stretch it out over a grassy area until the spool is empty or you run out of area to stretch the line. Next, set line down and wind all the line allowing the tag end freedom to untwist.

If the second step is not possible, and you are fishing from a boat, let the line out behind the boat (make sure there is nothing tied to the line) and slowly pull it behind the boat a couple hundred yards, then wind all the line back onto the spool. This will also remove line twist