Grace Caldwell – Goals for the New Year

Grace Caldwell - Nice keeper smallmouth
Grace Caldwell – Nice Keeper Smallmouth

Tipping the Scales!

By Grace Caldwell

Everyone wants to know my New Year’s resolutions and goals for the new year. Hmmm…to win every fishing tournament! That would be awesome, but we all know that it’s not very realistic.

My main goal is to at least place at the West Virginia State High School Fishing Tournament. Other than winning tournaments, I would also like to expand my knowledge of the different lakes and rivers that I haven’t had the opportunity to fish.

That can be an easy goal to make, but traveling just to fish when you’re only 16 can be difficult. Increasing my knowledge of new lakes will also help me when I set out to fish these areas. More time on the water equals better fishing quality and that’s what it’s all about. Setting out to become a better angler and increasing my knowledge of the sport, along with continuing to aid in conservation and community service activities remain top priorities for me. My team’s fishing goals are to have a high school team make it to the national level.

We would also like to see the junior team make it to the national level. I would like to see more community service projects as well as more community involvement and understanding in this new year. Our overall goal for High School Fishing is to bring more recognition and growth to this fantastic sport and our program. More and more awareness continues to be made by bigger companies and organizations and I hope that continues. I am looking forward to fishing in 2017, with the hope that it will be a better year for me.

I am still learning and hope to continue to expand my knowledge and challenge my abilities in many different areas. It’s funny because most people set a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Not me. I hope I gain weight–on the fishing scales, that is. When I look at those scales I hope they read heavier than the last time. Then again, I am a fisherwoman, so my point of view on weighing scales is much different than most.

With most typical young females, you mention weight or scales and they think of body weight and a perfect figure. When you mention scales to me all I can visualize is that LED board with numbers on it and a fish flopping around. It’s all in how you wire your brain. So, good luck with all your New Year’s Resolutions and weight loss, but to all my fishing friends, I hope you tip the scales this year!