High School All-American featured in St. Louis Magazine

Bass Master: Meet the St. Louisan on the High School All-American Fishing Team

Lindbergh junior Trey Schroeder is quite the catch. He’s among the newest members of the Bassmaster High School All-American Fishing Team and Missouri’s champion high school angler.

We interviewed Schroeder for the September issue of St. Louis Magazine. Here’s what he told us about his bass bling:

Sometimes I feel bad for the fish. I probably wouldn’t want to be fooled into trying to eat something and then get put into a box. I’d be concerned about being taken from my home.

I don’t remember when I started fishing—I’ve only seen pictures of myself. I always watched pros on TV.
Anyone can fish. It’s just how much you apply yourself.

At some tournaments, you’ll see the fish get in giant schools. We’ll end up fishing next to 30 boats. Conflicts do happen, but we haven’t had any fights.

To get in the zone before a tournament, I always listen to St. Louis music.

We fish rain or shine—except in lightning. Or fog.

The trick is to try to find fish that are actively feeding. Is there a bluff? Are there different-sized rocks? During the winter, wood and docks heat up faster, so they’ll be attracted to those.

Smaller fish will bite more times, while with a larger fish you’ll feel one big thump. If it starts moving away from you, it’s usually large.

The heaviest fish I ever caught is around 7 pounds. That’s a pretty good fish in a lot of places, Missouri especially.

I enjoy using artificial bait because you have more control over what you do, and it’s more humane; fish don’t swallow artificial bait….Read More