High school angler finds lost dog


Grizzaffi had been out with his son, Peyton Grizzaffi, testing out Peyton’s boat. Peyton is a junior at Morgan City High School and fishes on their bass fishing team. They had come into Doiron’s landing and picked up the boat for the day when they crossed over to the convenience store and Peyton saw a dog coming through the opening of the levee across the street.
They had seen the information about Morgan being missing and had also seen the Mancuso children hollering the dog’s name out of car windows as they rode along on searches. Grizzaffi said his son said, “Dad, I think that’s their dog” and went directly and grabbed her.
Grizzaffi said Morgan was so weak she could barely stand. Peyton brought Morgan across to the convenience store and Dean went inside to inform them, as well as get Morgan some food and water.
Mancuso arrived at the convenience store where even the St. Martin Sheriff’s office had deputies who had come to see Morgan reunited with her owner. In a moment of relief for Mancuso, he was able to see and pet his dog again.
Grizzaffi said his family members are all dog lovers and just recently went through the pain of losing a pet, as their own beloved dog of 10 years passed away….Full Story