High school anglers help assemble fish habitat

New fish habitats deployed on Alabama lake

Fish on Lake Logan Martin have some new places to thrive.

On Feb. 3, Alabama Power deployed 80 new artificial fish-attracting devices (FADs) on the lake. Alabama Power Environmental Affairs Specialist Mike Clelland says the devices, also known as spider blocks, give fish better places to feed and grow.

“Natural structures in the lakes deteriorate over time,” Clelland said. “We’re basically replacing those natural habitats with synthetic materials that will last a little longer.”

Alabama Power has deployed more than 60,000 fish habitats in Alabama’s lakes and rivers since 1993. Clelland says a majority of those are natural habitats consisting of recycled Christmas trees, stumps and logs.

“As these structures sit in the water, they’ll start collecting algae and macroinvertebrates, which are little insect colonies,” Clelland said. “That in turn will attract smaller fish to feed on, and in turn the larger fish will come to the smaller fish, so we’re creating mini-ecosystems throughout the reservoir.”…Full Story