High school bass fishing popular in Texas

PODCAST: Bass fishing brings out competition in high schools

Fishing competitively since the seventh grade, Kountze sophomore Cole Trick has established himself as a bona fide force in the sport of fishing. Trick and fellow Kountze teammate Hayden Holland recently placed sixth overall as the “High School Angler of the Year”, awarded by the Southeast Texas High School Fishing Association (SETXBA).

SETXBA is a non-profit organization that promotes high school fishing in the Beaumont area. The group also organizes fishing tournaments throughout southeast Texas for high school aged anglers.

The “AOY” standings are tabulated over the course of five fishing tournaments from February to April, split between Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend Reservoirs. Point systems are based on standings of each tournament and total weight caught, maximum limit of five fish.

Only bass species are eligible for catch, that includes large mouth, small mouth, spotted, and red eye.

Trick and Holland finished the season with a total of 2278.76 points, second in the Beaumont area to Little Cypress-Mauriceville’s Spencer Brister and Justin James’s 2281.65….Full Story