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Berkeley Springs High School fishing team
Berkeley Springs High School fishing team
Berkeley Springs High School fishing team

Best Captains In The World

By Grace Caldwell

There are no more important relationships for high school anglers to develop than with their boat captains. Life without a good boat captain is like a dull pencil, there’s no point. Being the first female angler, it was a big deal finding a captain that was comfortable spending that amount of time in a boat with two girls. My mother is the fishing club advisor and she loves to fish, but she is usually busy organizing tournaments, bookkeeping, and doing all of the things that the team requires. She doesn’t always have the time to fish with us, so we asked several of the captains. Many said that they would not mind at all, but several of them preferred a boy’s team. This was understandable, but they have no idea what they missed out on. Girls can fish too!

The tournaments are structured somewhat differently than most. Our teams and captains switch around routinely, and if a particular captain fits well with a team, we try to keep them together. One of the biggest misconceptions in the sport is that your fishing partner should be your best friend. I don’t think that this is always true. Your best friend may not be the best partner for you. It is best to find a partner that compliments your fishing without being a distraction.

There will be times when friends want to fish together. When my mom sets up regular club tournaments, switching around is done with these matches in mind. My captain is Norm. We fish with him on the bigger tournaments and usually during one club tournament. Then during some of the other club tournaments, Katie and I will fish with the other captains. This allows us to experience the differences in each captain’s way of fishing and the usage of different baits to learn more about the sport. My mom recruited the captains and became familiar with each one of their methods and morals while my brother was fishing in tournaments.

Captains must possess good moral character, teaching ability, and a love for the sport. My mom feels that as long as there is a love for the sport, everything else will fall into place. For the most part, our captains are very willing to help with anything you ask them to do. They help us with fundraisers, teaching classes, and of course water time. Our team is family-oriented and has become “a little family” in itself. We support one another and aide each other whenever possible.

We all joke around and have fun, while we are learning and watching the more seasoned anglers. If you spend six hours on a boat with two other people, you are going to learn a lot about them. We have great conversations and I believe that this builds a lot of trust between us. I trust their opinions on controlling the boat, safety, and teaching patience and understanding. If one of my captains thinks we need to head to shore or that the weather is bad, I trust his judgment and follow his lead.

I agree with my mom that BSHS fishing has the best captains in the world. At least in my world.