High school girl wants to go pro

Girls just wanna fish

When she’s not in classes at Charles Page High School, Montana McCarty is often fishing and she wants to go pro.

McCarty, a junior, is the only girl on the high school’s fishing club and one of only about four in the state and often goes to Shell Creek or Keystone Lake to fish.

“When my dad took me fishing (as a child), we went to ponds, then we started fishing from boats,” she said. “You get some weird stares being the only girl (on the team).”

While she said she can get some weird stares from others at tournaments, McCarty said the team at Charles Page High School is tight-knit and works well together.

She enjoyed fishing with a longtime friend for a few years and he suggested she join the club last year. Since then, she’s participated in five tournaments and caught plenty of her favorite catch, largemouth bass….Full Story