High school team holds kayak bass tournament


September 18, 2019  by Scott Ellison

As the new school year settles in for high school students across the nation, so does the start of the fall fishing season. Newly established and longstanding high school fishing teams are signing up new anglers, recruiting adult boat captains and setting tournament schedules for the 2019-2020 school year. 

It’s a busy time. Along with the growth in participation at the high school fishing level, we’re seeing more opportunities to compete. Many school teams have found themselves running their own events and competing in various trails conducted in their states. The opportunities are great for young anglers, but not without some barriers. One of the biggest remains finding adult boat captains. 

As the National Youth Director at FLW I hear about the trouble of finding boat captains from teams across the country, and I see it as a new coach myself. These essential volunteers are the key to getting students out on the water and providing a safe environment for competition. 

The Graves County High School Fishing Team that I help coach in western Kentucky came up with a way to make it easier to get students out to compete. Last weekend we hosted a kayak tournament, and it proved to be a great option. Kayak events are not the only solution for getting more students out on the water, but certainly this is a great option when the conditions are right. Based on our club’s recent experience, I can see kayak fishing fitting into the high school fishing landscape….Full Story and Photos at FLW Fishing