Importance of teamwork when fishing high school tournaments

Trey Schroeder

Importance of teamwork when fishing high school tournaments

By Trey Schroeder

Teamwork is important when fishing high school tournaments. It helps in many situations. It means both anglers are thinking and giving advice at the same time. Good teamwork leads to productive fishing. As a team you cover different depths of water at the same time which is helpful in catching fish.

For example, when Grant Nisbet and I fish a tournament I will typically throw a topwater bait and he will throw a jig or spinner bait. His bait moves slower giving the fish more opportunity to bite the lure. With my topwater bait I am targeting the aggressive fish that are feeding. When my topwater bait skims the surface a fish will show itself by swirling behind it. That is when Grant will throw into the area where the fish swirled and get a second chance at the fish. More times than not that fish will come back or his buddy will find interest in the slower moving bait.

Also a partner in the boat will help with the overall amount of fish boated. Two lures are always better than one! The two anglers also will help each other land fish whether they have a net or not. There are times in tournaments when teamwork is more than just fishing. Working together helps you keep a positive attitude when the fishing is slow as well as for keeping you both confident that the next bite you get might win you the tournament!