Jimmy Houston Summertime Spinnerbait Fishing

Summertime Spinnerbait Slinging

By John Neporadny, Jr.

When the heat is on, one of the best spinnerbiat slingers ever sticks with his blade bait.

Wile others opt for a plastic worm on a scorching summer day, Jimmy Houston slings his spinnerbait around shallow cover in murky water or deep weed edges in clear reservoirs.

The bass fishing legend throws his spinnerbait around any shalllow water cover such as logs, fence rows, brush piles, and stumps. A steady retrieve works best for Houston until his blade bait reaches a piece of cover. ”I try to fish the lure as slowly as possible when I am in a potential strike zone, which is generally only a few inches on any given cast,” he says. ”When I get in that strike zone I will give a little shake or two with my rod tip or let that bait bump into the cover.”

The Oklahoma pro keeps his rod pointed downward and moves it to the left or right at times to run his lure into the cover and triger a reaction strike. ”Not only do you have a deflection in the movement of the bait (when it hits the cover) you also have a deflection in the sound of the bait because the blade changes its rotation,” he says.

Houston’s favorite blade bait for shallow summertime fishing is a ½ ounce model (blue/chartreuse/white or fire tiger skirt) with a number five, six, or seven Oklahoma or Colorado blade.

If he’s fishing a clear lake with deep grass, Houston switches to a ¾ – or 1 – ounce white spinnerbait with a number six or seven gold willowleaf blade and a number three silver Colorado blade.

Positioning his boat parallel to the weed line, Houston slow rolls the spinnerbait down to depths of etn to twenty feet. The key to is presentation is ticking the tops of the grass throughout the retrieve.

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