Joe Grafeman – One of My Best Fishing Tournaments

Joe Grafeman
Joe Grafeman

One of My Best Fishing Tournaments

By Joe Grafeman

I have had many days of fishing in high school tournaments that stand out in my mind.

One that I specifically remember was a tournament that I fished during the fall at Table Rock Lake. The fish were really feeding as the water started to cool down.

When we went to our first spot and threw a jig and caught a 3-pound smallmouth and a 3-pound largemouth off the same bank. We were off to a good start. It wasn’t even 8:30 yet and we had two solid fish in the livewell.

We later changed locations and struggled. We could not get a bite but we knew that it would happen if we just kept fishing.

We moved locations and kept moving until we got around the fish. It was now 11:30 and we had two fish. We kept our heads in it and kept fishing. It was now 2:30 and we still had two fish in the livewell.

During practice we found an offshore brush pile near a bridge. With 30 minutes left we had to make something big happen. When we pulled up to this spot everything seemed just right. We started on the bridge piling and I caught a keeper on a drop shot. We then started to throw a jig on the bank. I set the hook and caught about a 3-pounder. We were very excited we had about 10 minutes left and we had four fish. We kept fishing every second… and then BOOM my partner sets the hook at 2:57. He fights the fish in and it was a 4-pound smallmouth. With no time left we threw the fish in the livewell and headed full blast to weigh in. He caught that fish on a Livingston Lures crankbait. It was feeding on crawfish and the EBS Technology enticed it to bite.

We were both full of anticipation. We grabbed our bag and walked our fish to the scales. All of a sudden the tournament director screamed “NEW LEADER!”

We ended up winning this event. Throughout my years of fishing I have learned many different things. This day on the water made me realize to fish until there is no time left because a win is only one cast away!