Kentucky High School anglers win Make Me A Star tournament

FISHING: Pearman, Morris edge Baker, Perry to win Make Me A Star tournament

LaRue County’s Wyatt Pearman and Evan Morris captured the Fishing University’s “Make Me A Star” team challenge.

With the win came with a four-year tuition scholarship from Bethel University as well as a spot on the Bethel Wildcats Fishing Team — the No. 1 college team in the country, the $10,000 Nick Huntley Memorial College Scholarship and prizes from each of Fishing University’s sponsors. The pair had a total weight of 12.55 pounds.

“When we got the call that we were one of the top two teams and would actually get to fish with Charlie (Ingram) and Ray (Braizer), we started studying about Watts Bar lake since neither one of us had fished it before,” Morris and Pearman said in a release. “We tried to find out the types of fishing that would work best, the depth of the lake, types of vegetation, and water temperature. When we got there and saw there was lots of grass and docks, we knew we wanted to fish with spooks and square bills — then Charlie said we might be better off using chatter baits and square bills, and that change paid off.

“I think with all the grass that is there, spring fishing would be fantastic. We ended up catching all but one in the grass. We were really feeling great when it was time for the final weigh-in, but then the other team showed up and acted very confident and that made us nervous. When we turned our scoreboards around, we were shocked that our final weights were so close — Chris Baker and Zack Perry (from Central Hardin), the other team competing, had 11.97 pounds. We couldn’t believe we had won.

“Chris and Zack are our great friends and we are elated to have gotten to share this experience with other Kentucky high school anglers where we know so many of the same people. We are both so grateful to our parents for supporting the sport both of us love — fishing.”

High school teams from across the country and Canada participated in a three-month social media fishing challenge to earn college scholarships. The 33-year old TV show launched the program Sept. 1 for high school age students to share their fishing experiences on all types of social media….Full Story