Knowledge Through Resources At Hand


Knowledge Through Resources At Hand

By Alex Garoutte Kickapoo High School Angler

According to Webster Dictionary, Knowledge is the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. Having knowledge is a key factor for anyone who is searching for success in any area. As anglers we need as much knowledge as we can get to become better bass fishermen. There are multiple resources and opportunities out there for us to use, but it is the combination of knowledge and experience that will determine your success.

We all have to start somewhere. When I first began bass fishing I had little knowledge of the sport. In the beginning I would go out with my father and watch and learn from him. His interest with fishing was piqued by watching Harold Ensley, “The Sportsman’s Friend” on T.V. back in the 70’swhen he was a kid. He also learned a lot by fishing with his uncle who was a guide on Table Rock Lake. Although I learned a lot from him there was so much more I needed to learn. What’s awesome about the world we live in today is all of us have the capability to answer any question we have with our phones and Google.

Wired2Fish, Bassmaster, FLW, and Bass Pro Shops are just some of the websites that I have used. Articles and blogs provided by these sites can help you learn new techniques and whatever else you need. Another way I have gained knowledge is through YouTube. Each of the lakes located here in Missouri have its fair share of professional guides. If I know that I have an upcoming tournament on a specific lake, I search for those guides who fish that area. Many post weekly fishing reports about what is working and what the conditions are like. Fishing seminars provided by local sporting goods stores like Bass Pro Shops and Academy also helped me a lot in learning new things.

Knowledge is an important tool in our arsenal, but it is useless if it is not being used. Having experience is also a key factor in success. You gain that experience by taking out on the water what you have learned from the resources I mentioned. I know through my experiences that every time I go fishing I never go blind. The time I take to research and use the multiple resources I have at my fingertips help prepare me. Even as I type this blog I am preparing for an upcoming tournament. I have prefished and used my resources to help confirm my pattern, but now due to heavy rain I am checking my resources again. I am checking how to adapt my strategy to best combat these weather changes and will use these changes when I prefish again. So use what is provided for you. Use these learning opportunities to your advantage to become the better angler we all strive to be.