Lake Conroe hosts high school tournament

Frigid Times at Montgomery High

The temperatures were cold, and the fishing was even colder, for the third stop on the Texas High School Bass Association Houston Conference Tournament on Lake Conroe this past Saturday, December 10th. With the conditions being on the challenging side, I overheard one boat captain tell one of his anglers, “that you best suck it up buttercup!”

In fact, out of the 141 High School teams that ventured out onto Lake Conroe this dreary day, only 41 of the teams caught measurable Bass, which on Lake Conroe need to be a minimum of 16 inches. That makes a whopping 100 teams that brought nothing to the scales! What a stark contrast from a Six Weeks ago, where the majority of the teams present on Lake Somerville caught limits, and there were record weights recorded for the THSBA. Wow, what a difference a few weeks mean, or a day for that matter. For as I am writing this article on the day after, Sunday December 11th, it’s a balmy 70 degrees out, where the prior day it never got over 45!!

Even with post frontal conditions and the aforementioned cold hampering the majority of the Anglers’ efforts, someone figures them out. That someone was the reigning Anglers of the Year in the Houston Division from Montgomery, Derek Pietsch and Trey Dawson. This “Dynamic” Duo scratched out 4 keepers that weighed in at 14.33 pounds. This weight secured them the First Place honors for an individual team, and gave the Montgomery Bears a great chance of being in contention to be the Overall Team Champions as well….Read More