Moreheads involved in high school bass fishing

Moreheads leaving a legacy on the lake

PADUCAH, KY — When Dan Morehead and his daughter Sarah get on the lake, nothing else matters.

“It is just a way of life,” Dan said. “That is all we have ever done.”

However, depending on the day, a bet or two may be the topic of conversation.

“You get a dollar for the first fish, dollar for biggest fish, dollar for smallest,” said Sarah. “I have still not gotten paid.”

“I don’t think I have gotten paid yet for my ones that I have won,” said Dan. “Everything is a competition.”

It is a unique father-daughter bond that is rooted in the outdoors. It has been strengthened in recent years as Dan has stepped away from 27-years as a professional angler and is now an assistant coach for the McCracken County Bass Fishing Team, where Sarah just finished her senior year….Full Story and Video