Mount Bethel angler makes all-state team again

Mount Bethel angler earns all-state recognition

Hours and hours outside, fishing soaking in nature.

For some, the concept may be a hard one to understand, but for Brooks Anderson, a student at Mount Bethel Christian Academy, he could not see it any other way.

For the second straight year, Anderson was named to the Bassmaster High School All-State Fishing Team.

“It definitely felt good,” Anderson said. “I was really happy, but there’s a lot more I need to do.”

To be named all-state, an angler must be recommended and then voted for one of the 62 spots that are available.

The odds are low, so in order to be selected, a fisherman must stand out, and Anderson prides himself on just that. He believes it was his thought process that has brought him the accolades.

“Doing something different than everything else,” he said, describing his strength. “If everybody is doing things one way, I try do the opposite, or tweak it.”

It was Anderson’s father who introduced him to the sport.

“At 5, he already knew everything I knew plus more,” Andy Anderson said. “It was like an addiction. I needed someone to support his.”

Greg Kirkman was the guy. On a visit to Callaway Gardens on a cold day when Brooks Anderson was younger, Kirkman taught him to feel the bottom of the lake. With his fingers numb from the cold, the sensitivity to feel the rocks, plants and fish was heightened.

Since fishing tournaments are rarely canceled for weather, the training Anderson received proved fruitful in the long run. Kirkman became Anderson’s mentor, and they’ve been paired since….Full Story