Non-profit organization benefits high school bass teams

Forty-seven years ago, shortly after the birth of competitive bass fishing in the Central Savannah River Area, local anglers organized the Clark Hill Committee. Not only did it seek to promote the sport within the CSRA, but it provided a tournament fishing platform.

Of the seven tournaments it will promote this year, three are open to the public. The four others are reserved for members of the 24 bass club members.

Robin Whisenant is the current committee president.

“The committee is a non-profit organization and has grown from its inception of a few bass clubs to 24 clubs throughout the CSRA. Averaging 15 members per club, this gives us approximately 360 members,” he said. “Our mission is to promote the sport of bass fishing through the club affiliations, local tournaments and newspaper and magazine press releases. Our committee is the largest and most recognized bass fishing organization in the CSRA and one of the longest continually running bass tournament organizations of its size in the nation….Full Story