Outdoor writer serves as boat captain for high school anglers

BRIAN JOHNSON ON OUTDOORS — Lessons learned on first tourney attempt

While many of my friends have been involved in bass fishing tournaments for years, I never have — that is, until this past weekend. This was not a typical fishing tournament. Rather I was the captain of my son’s high school bass fishing team. This meant that I would be guiding my son and his friend but not really fishing myself. To say that things did not go as I planned would be an understatement. However, we had a great time and we also learned several things that will help us to do better in the future. We are rookies, but I feel that improvements are on the horizon.

Before fishing this tournament, the boys and I had a game plan that I thought was rather simple and foolproof. We would prefish on Friday, find the fish, and go back and catch them on Saturday. It sounded like a good plan to me but it did not exactly work out that way.

The first flaw in our plan was that the boys had six-week exams on Friday, which meant that they would not be fishing with me. No problem. I would grab a fishing buddy and we would go find the fish ourselves. The good news is that we actually found some fish in deep water as well as shallow water and were able to put together what I thought was a good strategy. We would start off in the deeper water and catch what we thought were the bigger fish. If that didn’t work, we would head to the shallows and pound the cuts and drains to pick up a limit before our cutoff time of 2 p.m….Full Story