Rain dampens Texas high school tournaments

OUTDOORS: Mother Nature Tests High School Anglers

The Texas High School Bass Association tournament trail was at Richland Chambers Reservoir Oct. 20. The week prior, Texas had gotten a lot of rain. It rained so much that Richland Chambers filled up and was actually 1 and a quarter feet over capacity. With water steadily coming in, the flood gates were open. All of this made fishing tough for many anglers.

Mildred High School was excited to fish their home lake. We teach to “Fish the Moment, ” adapt to what mother nature presents. Embrace what seems as bad circumstances and use them to your advantage. The day of fishing proved to be difficult. Every Mildred angler fished hard. We are proud of each of our anglers.

Boat captain, Danny Hanna Sr., spun the propeller on his engine. This left them stranded a long way away from any help. Luckily, they were able to get towed back to the ramp. With 30 minutes remaining, Rusty Price and Brody Hanna each caught a bass to salvage their day. There were no other mishaps or boat problems. 196 teams competed. 79 teams were unable to boat a keeper. After two tournaments, Mildred High School is in fourth place for Team of the Year, a mere seven points behind the leader….Full Story