Sevy Bartlett – How I got started

Sevy Bartlett - Texas High School Bass Angler
Sevy Bartlett – Texas High School Bass Angler

How I got into high school bass fishing

By Sevy Bartlett

I rarely fished a year ago and when I did I would only use bobbers and night crawlers. Then we moved to a neighborhood with lots of ponds and I started fishing again for the first time in years. My mom bought me a square bill crankbait and I went to try it out at a local pond using my only rod, a 5-foot spinning rod. I caught a small bass, but I was hooked!

At that moment, I realized that was what I enjoyed doing the most. Fishing began to consume my thoughts and everything else became an afterthought. I met Connor, a neighbor, who also enjoyed fishing, but was a googan like me. After I caught a bass in front of him, we both got serious about it and ended up being tournament partners.

Connor and I researched everything we could on YouTube to improve our bass fishing skills. Over the summer, I told my mom I wanted to start a high school bass fishing team and we worked together to make it happen.

Unfortunately, no one was in the school office over the summer months, so getting the school’s approval wasn’t easy. Luckily, my mom knew two people who were serious fishermen and they offered to help us out as captains. One week prior to the first tournament, we still weren’t sure we had the “go ahead”. Everything was in place because we had two members, at least one captain and an advisor from the high school. The best news was the phone call letting us know we were officially tournament ready.
Our first tournament was Sept. 30. We only managed to catch one keeper, but we had a blast fishing competitively for the first time.

Word got out about the fishing team and students begged for a spot on the team, especially after seeing our sweet tournament jerseys. Because captains aren’t easy to come by, since they do this voluntarily, we had to limit our membership to 16 people for the first year. We were fortunate to get a great captain with an awesome boat. Since then, Connor and I have finished in 19th place out of 250 boats and another angler from our team won the Big Bass award at Lake Texoma. All this time I’ve been recording my fishing experiences on my YouTube Channel, called FishinTexas.