Trey Schroeder – Getting Exposure Through Media

Trey Schroeder

Trey Schroeder – Let’s talk about media!

Let’s talk about media – what it is and why you want it. There are all types of media: Facebook shout-outs, Instagram, magazines, newspapers, local TV news, advertising, fishing websites, etc. The media is your friend when you are trying to be noticed and move up in the fishing world. Want to get invited to awesome tournaments? How about more sponsors? Then they better know who you are and what’s in it for them. Fishing tournament organizers want the stars and guys with a good reputation at their tournaments to help draw other fishermen there, so having a good reputation and getting your name out there is going to be a win/win for everyone.

Lucky for me high school fishing has given me a lot of exposure lately. The news stations and pro fishing folks don’t just come looking for you, but you can do a lot of things to help get noticed. First off, you better be a pretty good fisherman. No one wants to publicize you if you aren’t placing or at least standing out as someone going somewhere. So make sure you get lots of time on the water and increase your skills. Also, the more tournaments you enter the better your chances of getting noticed. So make sure you put yourself out there so you can get the attention.

You can use social media by posting where you are fishing and the results of the tournament. The more people who see you traveling around, what tournaments you are fishing and hear how you are placing the more attention you will receive. Wearing your jersey is another form of media – all those sponsors you asked to support you will love seeing their name on your Facebook page or newspaper when you are standing there proudly holding your catch. I have received quite a bit of attention this last year from local newspapers, magazines, and the TV news. It also helps to have someone help you learn how to promote yourself (Thanks mom!). It’s important to practice speaking so you can talk to the director when you bring your fish in (they will remember you if you do a good job – or an awful one too), as well as sharing interesting facts and stories about yourself if you do get interviewed by the media. It’s important to be confident, tell them the facts and some interesting stories that maybe make you stick out over the next person they interview. Remember to keep fishing, get good at it, have a positive outlook and have fun!