Trey Schroeder – Suburban Bass Fishing

Suburban Bass Fisherman

By Trey Schroeder

I am asked a lot how I can be competitive in fishing tournaments living so far away from the major lakes. There are several reasons why I have become a successful fisherman, even though I live in St Louis County. My family has taken me to Bull Shoals Lake almost every weekend to fish since I was very young, so I am use to traveling. We enjoy traveling to all of the different lakes on weekends! We try and make mini vacations out of all the fishing tournaments we attend. During our trips back and forth we use the time for tournament preparation and reflecting on previous tournament outcomes.

In order to keep my skills sharp for tournaments I fish local ponds and lakes. Pond fishing is similar to going to a batting cage or driving range for some practice. It’s not the real thing but it helps me build confidence in different baits. I work on my presentation of the baits that I intend to use during upcoming tournaments. This helps me with a game plan to start the tournament and make adjustments as needed. When I am at home you will find me flipping a jig around the house or flipping lures at the mail box. This helps my casting presentation and accuracy.
I am always researching fishing by watching videos, reading magazines, and talking to other anglers about what is going on at the lakes.

“When I’m not fishing I’m thinking about fishing!”