Union County High angler wins again

Bass Anglers have 2-time winner

Race for Top 4 championship slots tight

UNION COUNTY — The Union County High School Bass Anglers have their first two-time winner.

In a statement released Monday, Coach Billy Scott announced that, in competition at Lake Murray this past Saturday, “Union County Bass Angler Cory Scott went in the books as the first 2-time winner this season for the Union County High School fishing team. Cory’s win puts him only 1 pound 7 ounces behind leader Jay Vaughn for the top spot in the standings. Both have over 20 pounds heading to the final tournament leading to the State Championship on January 21. Cory says he feels like he now has a shot at winning the top spot after making up a 9 pound deficit in the last two tournaments on leader Jay Vaughn.”

Scott said that both Bass Anglers “are almost 5 pounds ahead of 3rd place, which is a battle in itself. The battle for the top four spots to the Championship is very tight, with only a few pounds separating spots 3-5 with Hunter Enlow, Justin Hall, and Creed Fowler. Both Hall and Fowler are on the move and have placed themselves in a position to be in the Top 4 to the State Championship.”

As tight as the competition is and with the skill and fortitude they have shown, Scott said any of the Bass Anglers can make it, pointing out how their fishing in 23-degree weather for 9 hours show how much they all want to win.

“It only takes one bad week to go from 1st place to 5th place,” Scott said. “Newcomer Jake McGee, moved up five positions in the standings in one week. It’s going down to the wire for these four spots. I’m just proud of all our guys. They all stayed in the brutal temperatures in hopes of a win.”

This Week’s Top 5

1 — Cory Scott — 4 fish — 7lbs 12 oz.

2 — Creed Fowler — 3 fish — 7lbs 10 oz. — Big Fish 3.3

3 — Justin Hall — 2 fish — 4lbs 11oz.

4 — Jake McGee — 2 fish — 4lbs 3 oz.

5 — Dray Davis — 2 fish — 3lbs 13 oz.

Rounding out the rest of the field was Hunter Enlow, Ce Fowler, Reed Franklin, and Jay Vaughn.

This story courtesy of the Union County High School Bass Anglers.