Watseka High bass team to start first season

Watseka bass fishing team to begin first season

Watseka Community High School’s first-ever bass fishing team has been gearing up to start their season to close out the school year.

The team was formed by extensive efforts taken from local high school students that began as a civics class project. Back in November, Watseka students Justin Bunting and Shawn Farris went before the school board to speak about starting up the program and were able to get it approved.

“A lot of my friends at the Kankakee Area Career Center had bass fishing teams in their school and we decided it would be a good idea for ours too. So, we went to the board with it earlier this school year and got it started and approved and since then we’ve just been trying to get better at fishing,” said Justin.

“It took a few months. There was a lot of background work to it. My dad helped out a lot because he knew more about the school board side of it than I did.”…Full Story