West Michigan High hosting bass invitational

West Michigan High School Bass Fishing Invitational

West Michigan

High School Bass Fishing Invitational

April 29, Gull Lake ~ May 13, Wabasis Lake

Hello High School Bass Fishermen!

The first West Michigan High School Bass Fishing Invitation for 2017 is just 4 days away! The tournament will take place at Gull Lake. Registration will start when the park gate opens at 6:00am. The tournament will start at 7:00am and we will be fishing until 12:00noon. Please note that this is a slight change from the flyer. At noon we will meet at the launch for lunch and the presentation of awards!

Below you will find the rules and information – including the address for the launch. Please be sure to read through this before Saturday.

Entry Fee is $40/team. Each adult “official” and each student will receive a shirt. Lunch will be provided at the end of the tournament.

Gull Lake Tournament April 29th – 15475 S. M 43 Hwy, Hickory Corners, MI 49060. The $10 fee to enter will be covered by the tournament and the gate attendant will allow tournament members to enter. The gate will open at 6:00 AM.

Wabasis Lake Tournament – May 13th – 11220 Springhill Dr, Greenville, MI 48838

Signups for tournaments will begin at 6:00 am and will close at 6:45 am. After registration ends, there will be a brief tournament meeting. The tournament begins at 7:00 am (unless delayed by the tournament director) and continues until noon (unless changed by the director). Any boats coming in late will face a penalty (weight will be deducted).

Teams will be made up of one adult official and up to two high school students. The adult is an “official” not a guide or coach (this is a high school tournament, not an adult tournament). The adult must drive the boat with combustible motor running. The adult may NOT fish in this tournament. The official measures, weighs, and records the catch. We will allow a parent to be in the boat with his/her child.

Check-in instructions include:

Provide names of each person in your boar and what school you represent.

We will provide cull board for measuring and a digital scale. Please check the scale so you know how to use it before you go out. (You MUST weigh in pounds.)

You must use our cull board and scale, not your own.

This will be a catch and immediate release tournament. That means when you catch a bass, you immediately check to make sure it is legal size (at least 14″ lying flat, mouth closed, tail pinched), then immediate put it on the digital scale. Take a picture of the fish on the scale (also record each fish’s weight on the log given out), and then release them immediately. Do not lay them in the boat and DO NOT PUT ANY BASS in your live well. You will then text the the length and weight of the bass to a number given to you on the morning of the tournament. Keep the pictures on your phone, so we can check them later if we wish.

The top five bass legal size (largemouth or smallmouth) will be counted for each team, but record each legal fish caught. On the log, indicate if it is a large mouth or smallmouth (LM or SM).

Total weight of the top five legal bass determines the winning team. Awards will be given out to the top places. We also will give a trophy for the biggest bass caught by a team. A school trophy will also be given out to the school that places the heaviest weight by up to two teams in the top 20 teams in both tournaments. The trophies for the school will be handed out after the second tournament.
Participants in this tournament are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship and courtesy.