West Orange-Stark has new fishing coach

Once volunteer, now coach

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader

Russell Bottley is a familiar face on the sidelines of sporting events for West Orange – Stark (WO-S). He volunteered for years before officially becoming a coach with the school district.

“This is my seventh year as a coach officially,” Bottley said. “I helped and volunteered for too many years to count.”

He grew up playing little league and all sports as his father introduced him to them.

“I love all the sports,” Bottley said. “The facts, the stats, the kids.”

He is a coach for wide receiver varsity, and boy’s and girl’s assistant track coach at the high school. In the spring, he will also coach the WO-S Fishing Team.

“We will start with small tournaments,” Bottley said.

He is familiar with fishing as it is one of his favorite pastimes when not coaching….Full Story