Woodstock team going strong

Sarley: Woodstock bass fishing team going strong

Excitement over high school and college bass fishing teams is sweeping the country. This is the hottest thing going on, and it has given a huge boost to the sport of fishing.

Northern Illinois is well represented in the ranks of high school competition. A recent invitational tournament organized by Woodstock and Woodstock North, which have a co-op team, certainly proved that point. The tournament was populated by anglers from Woodstock North’s co-op, Stevenson, Niles Notre Dame, Deerfield, Streamwood, IC Catholic and Elgin.

Staging a tournament is a formidable challenge, so is establishing a competitive high school fishing team. Thank goodness that Jason Penuel, a science teacher from Woodstock North, was up to both tasks.

“I just have an unbelievable passion for fishing,” Penuel said. “I only wished that something like this was available for me when I was in high school. I would have loved it. I wasn’t into sports. I just wanted to go fishing.”

Penuel rejuvenated the co-op club at North that had been in existence for about five years, but had been foundering. Penuel began his mission with the goal of building the club into a team that would be recognized by the school district and moved into IHSA competition….Full Story