Zion Chapel bass team fishing again

Zion Chapel anglers return to action

Due to COVID-19 the Zion Chapel Bass Team has been missing their tournament fishing. As a matter of fact, they were in route to Lay Lake for their March tournament and received a call from Alabama BASS Nation High School headquarters informing them that the tournament had been cancelled due to the COVID-19 mandates. Thus, they turned around in Montgomery and headed home with much disappointment.

Although they were disappointed, they were reminded that there could be more serious calls. On this note, the ZC Bass Team extends their thoughts and prayers to the families of two high school bass anglers and their captain of the Obion County Central High School in Pickwick on the Tennessee River. This team was fishing in a tournament and never returned for the weigh-in. It was almost two weeks before all the bodies were recovered. This is a reminder of the importance of following all safety rules, but accidents can happen….Full Story