Zion Chapel High team dedicated to competitive bass fishing

Zion Chapel Bass Team fares well at Lake Tuscaloosa

The Zion Chapel High School Bass Team’s adventure continues. The team members are showing dedication to this sport as they venture out into large waters and seek to find the large fish. While they endeavor to compete with many teams with years of experience, they are holding their own as beginners.

Their fourth tournament on Oct. 12 was at Lake Tuscaloosa; this was their first Alabama BASS National High School tournament. This was one of four state regional qualifier tournaments. There were 147 high school teams entered in this tournament. With each new tournament they continue to learn that competitive fishing is much more than baiting and casting a line.

In order to increase their chances of locating a good spot and catching the big ones, they practiced fishing on Friday. However, pre-tournament fishing does not always translate into winning weights in the event. In this case, the weather on Friday, which is a major factor, did not compare to the weather the following day. Rain and cool weather rolled in during the night. It was an uncomfortable day, but the anglers never quit….Full Story